Assortment of Chocolates

Dark and Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtles, Dark and Milk Chocolate Almond Clusters, Dark and Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters, Dark and Milk Chocolate Cashew Cluster, Dark and Milk Chocolate Maple, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry Creams, Large and Small English Toffee, Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers, Dark and Milk Chocolate Franciscan Mints, Dark Chocolate Orange Peel, and Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Coconut Haystacks

Assorted Chocolates $17.95 per pound

Foiled Chocolates $16.95 per pound

Sugar Free Chocolates $18.95 per pound

Homemade Fudge

Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate. Moccachino, Cookies and Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate and Vanilla, Coffee, Maple Nut, Butter Pecan, Rocky Road and Divinity

Our Homemade Fudge is $17.95 per lb

Ice Cream

We proudly carry Mitchell's Ice Cream

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Strawberries and Cream, Rum Raisin, Buko, Thin Mint, Caramel Praline, Butterscotch Marble, Chocolate Caramel Crackle, Ube, Oreo Cookie, Grasshopper Pie, Coffee, Mocha Fudge, White Pistachio. Pineapple Coconut,  Red Raspberry Sorbet, Orange Sherbet, Peanut Butter Indulgence, Kahlua Mocha Cream, Mango, Black Walnut, New York Cherry, Rocky Road, Mexican Chocolate, Chocolate Chip  and seasonal flavors such as Pumpkin, Egg Nog, Peppermint and Gingerbread. 

$2.50 per junior scoop

$3.50 per single scoop

$5.50 per double scoop

$7.50 per triple scoop

$4.95 per single sundae

$6.95 per double sundae

$5.95 per milkshake

$6.95 per pint

$9.95 per quart

We also have our homemade waffle cones starting at $0.75 each


Sour Candy- $10.95 per pound

Gummy Candy- $10.95 per pound

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans - $12.95 Per pound

Nostalgic Candy - Starting at $1.95


Chocolate Caramel, Raspberry, Black and White, Irish Cream, Milk Chocolate, Toffee Almond, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Decadence, White Decadence, Cappuccino, Strawberry Frappe and Amaretto

Grand Truffles $3.25 each

Petite Truffles $2.25 each

 Now serving.....

 Cotton Candy






Fresh Popcorn,

Kettle Corn &

Flavored Kettle Corn

small bag $3.50

large bucket $7.50

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